Pawel Sarkowicz

Department of Pure Mathematics
University of Waterloo

I'm interested in operator algebras, and often work with a bit of K-theory.

Office: somewhere on the 6th floor of MC

Here's a CV, I guess. (as of April 2024)

faceswapped version (or is it the real one? 👻 🧐)


  1. With Aaron Tikuisis, Polar decomposition in algebraic K-theory. To appear in Journal of Operator Theory. arXiv.2303.16248
  2. Tensorially absorbing inclusions of C*-algebras. Canadian Journal of Mathematics, 2024 (First View). doi:10.4153/S0008414X24000324
  3. Unitary groups, K-theory and traces. Glasgow Mathematical Journal, 2023 (First View). doi:10.1017/S0017089523000447